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20Jun 2014

WAF Charity Golf Fundraiser

On behalf of the Wentworth Africa Foundation, I would like to thank you for your participation and contributions to the WAF Charity Golf Tournament which was held at Sunningdale Golf Club, Berkshire UK on 18 June 2014. Your moral and financial support helped us to continue in our mission to enhance education in rural southern Tanzania, focusing on ensuring that boys and girls study and live in a clean and safe environment.

A special thank you to the sponsors as the charity golf day would not have been the success it was without your generous donations. Vitol, for the Gold Sponsorship, First Energy for the Silver Sponsorship, Clermont Energy for donating the wine at the luncheon and OGAS for supplying the golfers with several Titleist golf balls! Members of Sunningdale are still finding the golf balls where they were left in the rough by the charity participants. ūüėČ

Wentworth Africa Foundation would not be where it is today without the continued support from Wentworth Resources Limited. Their generosity both in time contributed and financially have provided substantial aid to our efforts.


The event raised enough money to make it possible for the Foundation to construct a matron’s house and drill a water well at the Msimbati Secondary School in rural Mtwara. WAF believes that constructing the matrons house will provide that the girls who board at the school, moral and emotional  support  which  in-turn  will  ensure  that  the  number  of  drop  outs  at  the  school  is  reduced  and  the  added security provides comfort to the parents of the students.

Current Projects

University Education Sponsorship Program

As  with  the  previous  years,  WAF  will  continue  to  sponsor  university students from the regions of Mtwara and Lindi.  The aim  of this program is  to  provide  sponsorship for  the  potential  individuals  with  excellent education background to continue their studies at selected Colleges and Universities, enabling them to acquire the knowledge and competencies to become the future leaders of Tanzania.

In 2014, we saw one of our sponsored students, Miss Chepi Ismail successfully complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. Miss Ismail has since returned to her home town of Mtwara  and  is  currently  volunteering  as  a  Teacher  at  her  previous Secondary School through WAF’s Volunteer Teachers Program,  while she continues  to  look  for  full  time  employment.   Miss  Ismail  has  vowed  to continue teaching others and giving back to her community.

MaKuYa Mtwara Cultural Festival sponsorship

The MaKuYa Mtwara Cultural Festival is not only entertaining but is educational and ensures that the traditions of the Makonde, Kua and Yao tribes remain alive in the years to come.  WAF has proudly sponsored this well-organized event since 2007.

Vocational Training Education Sponsorship Program

Getting skilled workers in the oil and  gas industry  in Southern Tanzania  is difficult. Therefore, in 2014,  WAF has decided to  respond to this need by sponsoring  students  to  gain  vocational  skills  which  would  help  them  to work  in  the  local  oil  and  gas  industry.   Courses  which  will  be  sponsored include;  Food  Preparation,  Plumbing, Welding,  Carpentry,  Motor  Vehicle Mechanics, Electrical installation and Maintenance and English.

Monitoring and Evaluating Our Projects

WAF’s purpose and objective goes beyond implementing projects in the Southern Regions of Tanzania. We also want to ensure that what we do in the communities is effective and sustainable; therefore in 2014 this will be our first priority . Having answers to these questions ensures that WAF remains successful and valuable to the communities around us.

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